I'm delighted that my third novel is scheduled
for Spring 2014 release!

To sum it up in one sentence:

A young dance ingenue's world opens up in
ways that deepen her spirituality as she
recovers after losing a leg in a tragic accident.

Loosely based on inspiring stories of a few
differently-abled  dancers, this is a novel about
spiritual awakening, the power of art and
resilience of the human spirit.

Veda, a young dancer, whose career in classical
Indian dance seems poised for success, is
shattered when she loses her leg in an
accident. Refusing to allow her physical loss
rob her of her dreams, she finds a new teacher
when her old dance school refuses to
accomodate her special needs. At the new
school, Veda meets Govinda, a young man who
approaches dance as a spiritual pursuit. As
their relationship deepens, so does Veda's
understanding of dance. Veda starts reaching
out to others and her world opens up in ways
she could never before imagine. But when her
budding romance with Govinda is threatened
and Veda's supportive grandmother dies, Veda
is left alone to discover who she is and what
dance truly means to her.

Key themes:
Differential ability (disabled / handicapped
persons), Dance, Performing Arts, Spiritual
Awakening, Coming-of-age, Courage, Loss,
A Time
to Dance
National Book Award Winner, Gloria Whelan's ADVANCE PRAISE for the novel:

With words that move with grace and elegance, Padma Venkatraman has
chosen poetry to tell the story of Veda, an Indian girl whose whole life is
centered around her love of dance...Her struggles teach her how dance can
enter the heart and elevate the soul... In poetic imagery as graceful as Veda’s
dancing, Venkatraman has drawn a vivid picture of contemporary India, and
given a gift of faith and hope to all who, like Veda, find their dream slipping