* "consistently engrosses...refreshingly hopeful and beautifully written"
KIRKUS, Starred Review, ISLAND'S END
* "[a] lovely novel ... an enticing blend of mystic tradition and imaginative speculation"
PW, Starred Review, ISLAND'S END  
* "vividly written and expertly paced...a moving story that will stay with readers long after the end"
SLJ, Starred Review, ISLAND'S END
*"this novel will capture the imaginations of many readers" - VOYA, Starred, Climbing the Stairs
*"Venkatraman...succeeds spectacularly...an intricate yet wholly accessible story"
- Booklist, Starred Review, ISLAND'S END
Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work.

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Author Visits:

Shortly after a new book is released, I
offer a
substantially reduced fee
both to promote sales of my new book and to accomodate
less-wealthy groups that may not be able to afford my usual fee.
During these time periods, I even do a few select pro-bono
events (for groups showing a serious interest in my work).  

My "reduced fee" will be in effect
April-December 2014.

If you wish to schedule an event during this time, please contact
me directly
(cc the Penguin Speakers Bureau if you do not hear
back from me immediately).

My email addresses:  
my last name followed by a period (full stop), then my first name,
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my first name, my middle initial "t", and my last name, in that
order, without any spaces, then the "at" symbol, then jhu (for
johns hopkins university), then a period (full stop), and "edu."

To Schedule an Author visit outside the April-December 2014
window, please contact the Penguin Speakers Bureau and be
aware that my normal honorarium of $ 2750/- (neg) will be in
effect, and I will not be doing pro-bono events (unless you are a
registered charity and able to sell my books after my event).


375, Hudson Street

New York, NY 10014


Ph: 212 366 2473

Fax: 212 366 2755


Website: http://www.penguinspeakersbureau.com/contact
Ordering my books

My novels have been published by Penguin-Random House and
are thus easily available worldwide.

You can order my books through your local independent bookstore
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been brought to my notice that there are a few remote corners of the
world where it's hard to buy my books. If you happen to live in such
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books on your own, please feel free to contact me (using the
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help you.

Kindly note that I do not sell my own books - the best I can probably
do is to order them through my local indie after I receive payment
and then send them to you - which will cost much more money and
take much more time than if you were to do this yourself. I do this
only as a special service to those of my readers who are otherwise
unable to obtain my books. Thank you for your understanding.

About me

This website is updated as frequently as possible. However, most
of my time, when not spent on or with my little family at home in
Rhode Island, is dedicated to writing my novels.

I was born in India and grew up there. At the age of 19, I moved
abroad and came to the United States to pursue a graduate
degree in oceanography. I was the youngest, by far, at the College
of William and Mary (where I conducted my doctoral research).
There I found that although I loved mathematics and science, I
also continued to love the world of words.

I've had a most interesting life: among other things, I've spent time
diving off the coast of the Andaman Islands, worked as a
post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins University's School of
Engineering, led and directed a school in England, and acted as
chief scientist on research cruises on the Baltic. But more than all
this, I love and enjoy the process of writing.

Why? Because I think the science I may have done could be done
by someone else. And because, during the process of writing , I
feel a little as if, to put in in the words of the philosopher J.
Krishnamurthi, "the mind is in the heart".